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Location & Maps

Our campground is located 5 miles off Hwy 13 in north Wayne County,  Tennessee. Take I-40 to HWY 13, go 44 miles south to the Buffalo River Trail Ride campground sign. From Waynesboro, go 7 miles north on HWY 13 to the campground sign.

5929 Bromley Cemetary Rde.
Waynesboro, Tennessee  38485


Location & Maps

The Buffalo River Trail Ride will enforce the following rules.

  1. Trail bosses and their assistants have absolute authority on the trail

  2. No rough riding or racing

  3. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the trail

  4. If you horse damages a tree, you will be charged $150 to replace the tree

  5. Your camp must be quiet by midnight

  6. No vehicles cruising campground after midnight

  7. No horseback riding after midnight

  8. Pets, including dogs and cats, must be kept tied on a leash

  9. Food must not be taken from the dining facility

  10. Do not tie horses to trees or where they can reach trees. Wire, rope or electric pens are not allowed. Stakes and tether lines are not allowed. (Check Brochure Changes)

  11. Bathing horses is not permitted in the Buffalo River

  12. No riding motorcycles or ATVs in the campground area or on the trails

  13. No firearms or other weapons allowed

  14. No littering

  15. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the dining hall

  16. If your horse kicks, you must tie a ribbon on the horse's tail. Bring your own red ribbon

  17. Meal tickets are not transferable from one person to another

  18. Unauthorized vendors are not allowed to conduct business at the trail ride

  19. We reserve the right to reject any reservation

  20. Do not tie horses to water hydrants



The Buffalo River Trail Ride realizes that dogs are not only pets but considered family members.

In order to allow canine friends to be a part of your visits at our Buffalo River Trail Ride facility, it is IMPERATIVE that your pets be kept confined to your campsite and/or on a leash.

Otherwise, due to liability reasons, the Buffalo River Trail Ride will be FORCED to change our policy concerning pets at our facility.



  1. If you pack them out, please back them back

  2. Put all aluminum cans in a separate trash bag and set it out at the road for pick up

Your assistance is greatly appreciated
BRTR Mgt. & Staff