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Trail riders from all across America enjoy the Buffalo River Trail Ride.

Join us for a fun-filled week of Tennessee trail riding.

Special Features Of The Buffalo River Trail Ride

  • Miles of picturesque trails through thousands of woodlands

  • Unlimited number of shaded campsites - you may reserve campsites with electrical hookups

  • 2 modern bath-houses with hot showers

  • All you can eat - good Tennessee country cooking - served three times daily

  • Live music or musical entertainment provided nightly

  • Canoeing, fishing, inner tubing - the beautiful Buffalo River boarders the campground

  • Horse show with classes and events for everyone

  • Covered stalls for your horses with lights and water at each barn

  • A professional photographer to capture your trail ride vacation

  • A farrier is available

  • A tack vendor is available

  • Fun auction - bring items you want to sell. NO NEW TACK.

Plan now to attend the Buffalo River Trail Rides! All horse and mule riders are welcome! Also, you may bring wagons and teams. Stallions are permitted, but must be under control at all times.

Open DailyBetween Organized Rides


  While you are at the Buffalo River Trail Ride you may want to canoe the Buffalo River. (This is not included in the weekly fee). For rates on canoes please contact:

Crazy Horse Canoe Rental  -   800-722-5213


  If you enjoy fishing, you'll love the Buffalo River. Bass, bluegill, and catfish are abundant in the clear waters of the Buffalo, one of Tennessee's natural scenic rivers. You may purchase a fishing license in Waynesboro.


  A beautiful custom-designed Buffalo River Trail Ride belt buck is awarded to trail riders who attend at least one week long organized trail ride each year to five, ten, fifteen or twenty years.


  Covered stalls are for rent on a reservation basis. Covered stall barns have lights and water hydrants. Stall bedding may be purchased at the campground office. The rental fee for each covered stall is $35 and $75 for box stalls for the entire week and the rental fee is not pro-rated. To reserve stalls, mail the trail ride reservation form, fee deposits, and stall rental fees. Indicate the number of stalls on the reservation form and mail $35 for each covered stall and $75 for box stalls. STALLS ARE LIMITED. Make your reservations early!

*  For each stall rented there will be a $5 cleaning fee.



  Picketing lines and gate panels pens are allowed. If you choose to picket or pen your horse please note rule number 4 and rule number 10. There will be a $15 fee per horse for the week to picket or pen. If you are paying the daily fee the charge will be $3 per day per horse. "Do not picket or pen horses inside the campsite areas that have electricity."


  Our trails are through some of the most breathtaking country in the Tennessee hills. Be prepared to cross sparkling streams, climb rugged hills, and pass through secluded hollows. Our beautiful trail system winds through thousands of acres. Our trail bosses work hard to ensure a safe and memorable experience for each rider. We offer four rides each day: a half day slow, a half day medium, a half day fast and an all day ride.


  The trail ride fee covers three buffet style meals each day, beginning Monday at breakfast and ending the following Sunday at breakfast -- a total of 19 meals! Meals are prepared and served in our dining hall. You'll enjoy three, tasty, hot meals each day and you may eat all you care to eat.

  Each night you'll enjoy music and entertainment furnished by al live country-western band. In addition to plenty of country music and dancing, there will be door prizes, a fun auction, and an exciting horse show with games and events for everyone. Check our menu.


  Camping at the spacious Buffalo River Trail Ride campground is a relaxing vacation all by itself. Imagine yourself camping under beautiful shade trees with the peaceful Buffalo River at your back door. Fishing, swimming, inner tubing, wading -- it's all at the Buffalo River Trail Ride campground.

  Campsites with and without electrical hook-ups are available. Campsites with electricity may be reserved. Primitive campsites without electricity are available on a first come, first-serve basis. Two modern bath-houses, complete with hot showers, are conveniently located at the campground. For your convenience our new bath-house has clothes washing machines and clothes dryers.

  Relaxing, peaceful, beautiful -- that's camping at the Buffalo River Trail Ride campground.

We do not have water hook ups at any campsites.

  Potable water is available at the RV station.


  If you don't want to bring hay or shavings, or if you need more during the week, you may purchase it at the campground office for a reasonable price.


  All horses in-state and out-of-stated, must be accompanied by proof of a negative Coggins Test (EIA)  conducted within  the past twelve (12) months. Documents should clearly identify your horses. State law requires us to refuse admission to horse owners who do not have negative Coggins Test (EIA) reports.


  The Buffalo River Trail Ride makes every effort to ensure a safe week of trail riding. However, the Buffalo River Trail Ride cannot assume any liability for personal injuries, livestock injuries, or equipment damages. You ride the trails at your own risk and will be required to sign a release when you arrive.


  You must furnish your sleeping facilities, tent, camper, trailer, etc. We advise you to bring all tack and riding equipment, a raincoat, rubber boots, tennis shoes, warm clothing and bedding. We do not rent horses.


  If you need to make motel reservations, contact the following area motels:

Bear Trace Inn    -  931-676-5552
Paddlers Motel   -  800-722-5213


  An authorized tack vendor, full-time farrier, and photographer offer their services at the campground. BRTR does not allow unauthorized vendors to conduct business at the trail ride.




  Every rider/camper must register. There will be no exceptions. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so please register early. We must receive your reservation form and deposits no later than April 4th for the April ride, June 6th for the June ride, July 4th for the July ride, October 3rd for the Colorful October ride. IF YOU ARRIVE ON OR BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF THE RIDE, YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THE ENTIRE WEEK. If you arrive after the first day, the daily fees will be charged for the remainder of the week.

  Please mail your reservation form with $20 deposit per person, $35/75 per stall rental fees, and $20 per campsite reservation fee as early as possible. All deposits are applied to the total amount due.

We reserve the right to reject any reservation.

NOTE:  If you call to make reservations, your campsite and/or stalls will be held one (1) week. If we do not receive your deposit within one week. we will rent the campsite and stalls to someone else.


  Shaded campsites with and without electrical hookups are available. Campsites with electricity are numbered on the campground map. These numbered campsites may be reserved for a $20 fee. (If you want to reserve a campsite, see instructions on the reservations form.)  CAMPSITE RESERVATION IS OPTIONAL.

  Campsites without electricity are not reserved but are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  Two modern bath-houses are located around the campground. We do not furnish soap, towels, etc.

(931) 722-9170
TOLL FREE 1-877-654-3164